Ice House Gift Shop
                             meet the artists
Rick Hooper
Original paintings and prints for sale.  Frames are hand made.  Rick is one of our newest members of our cozy Thursday Ice House Painters group.
Holiday Cheer
The Grinch
Traffic Jam
Damn Yankee
Caren and David Demien
Handmade jewelry and pieced wooden plates
Assorted Enamel Pendants
necklaces  $15 - $35 gift box included
Festive Necklaces and Earrings
$20 - $30 (gift box included)
Fan Plate
Walnut, Maple, and Cherry $30
Symmetrical Square Plate
256 pieces of Walnut and Maple $75
Rita Park ~ potter
Rita sells her pottery exclusively through The Ice House Gift Shop 
Two-toned Mug
You have to handle this mug to get a feel for Rita's attention to detail of the balance, rim, and handle. $25
Chicken Baker 
Skip the beer can!  Bake the chicken carcass with butter and herbs.  Recipe Included $45
Brie Baker 
Bake Cheese for the next time you entertain your friends and family. Rita's Brie bakers are available in a variety of colors.  Recipe included $30
Butter Keeper
Keep your butter at room temperature so it is always ready for use.  The interior moat keeps it safe from the air. $36
Love Mug sold
Rita has a variety of mugs
and batter bowls showing
a meaningful word. $25 - $90
Two-toned Pitcher
There are platters and bowls that match this pitcher $25 - $38
Blue Vase

Religious Gifts for sale in The Ice House Gift Shop
Karen Taylor
$28.95 (soft cover $20.95)
Quilts by Nanc
$130   (pattern $15)
Nicole Coomer
Carolyn Barton Ball
Nanc Gunn
Dianne King
Dr. Robert Means
Richard Lamb
various religious scripture signs $7
Mike Driver
Stained Glass Runic Cross $150
larger stained glass panels $260/ea
Learn to make your own stained glass panel in Mike Driver's 32-hour Stained Glass class at the Ice House Feb 11-1, 9-5 pm each day.
Brent McKinney
Wire necklace $50
wire bracelets and rings $20 - $65
Brent McKinney
Wire Sun Face $30
other wire sculptures  $35 - $60
cement leaf stones $24-$28
Steve Polivick
Horse Oil Painting $50
Steve also has gourd and nature paintings in the Gift Shop $50/ea
David Lee Calhoun
cedar or walnut bowls $75-$100
Carl Hardie
Eagle cut-out $24
various size and themed cut-outs
$24 - $50
Carl Hardie teaches Scroll Saw class
 Ice House Sept 7, 10:30-noon
Bring your own scroll saw and table 
Richard Lamb
Show your pride! $18/each bracelet
Richard has a multitude of wooden crafts available!  Jewelry, toys, and kitchen items priced from $10 - $42
Maggie Wilmhoff
Vase $30 
assorted trays  $10 - $30
Maggie Wilmhoff
bobble head cat  $79.95
Farm House 
by Nicole Coomer
Pumpkin Spice Soap $10
FDA compliant soaps, scrubs, shaving soap, and toner $8 - $32
Carol Covington
Children's book $13.95
Deacon Makes Four by R. D. Gregory
2017 Best Western Novel Award from the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Assoc. Fort Smith, Arkansas 

R.D. Gregory grew up on a Western Kentucky ranch and began riding a horse before he could walk.  He is a life-long cowboy, author, and cameraman.  One of his many country music videos, Dixie Burns, played on Dish and Comcast.  R.D. Gregory resides in Graves County, Kentucky. 
Deacon Makes Four
Freedom Rides
$14.95   newly released
Woodcock Apiary
Honey made in Wingo, KY $8/16 oz
Also available: honey sticks $0.25
Nanc Gunn
Black Labrador wall hanging $150
wall hanging patterns $15, kits $35
Cheryl Courtney
Assorted Lava Bead Bracelets $12/each
Lava beads will be loaded with peppermint essential oil.  Ask about Cheryl's bracelet class in October 2019!
Ruby Knappe
Ruby has a variety of felted humorous creatures and toys in our Gift Shop.
$3 - $70 
Chad Schott
Gourd Drum $120
Chad has gourd shakers too $17
Ben Walker
Moth Collection $295
framed insect drawings $60 each
Mark Huffman 
Growing up Mayfield book $14.50
Dana Heath
Woven Cotton / Wool Scarf $65
Additional woven scarves $65 - $79
See Dana's award-winning shawls in the Ice House Gallery until August 16
Lynn Bartlett
Tobacco Barn book $34.95
Cards, paper weights, framed photos, fridge magnets     $3 - $50
Andrew Stevenson
Large Burled Elder bowl $90
Ash or Maple bowls $30 each
David McBeth
Blue / Black  Porcelain Bowl $150
Red / Black Porcelain Bowl $150
Ice House Gallery and Gift Shop         
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