2020 Schedule
classes, festivals, and shows
Ice House Classes ~ email to sign up for a class at icehousearts@gmail.com
If you don't see a class you are interested in, contact  Nanc at the Ice House.  We  will find a teacher to create a class.  Classes are always small ~ 3-14 students.
Chunky Chenille 
Blanket Class 
Knit a blanket like Kaitlin Priddle
no knitting needles needed
Choose from EIGHT colors:
Silver (shown), Dark Gray, Black, Burgundy, Bright Aqua, Dark Teal, 
Light Pink, or Off-white.
Saturday, March 21, 9am-noon
$60/member $70/nonmember
Music History
Michael Skinner will walk you
 through the history of music
 starting with Gregorian Chants and ending with Scott Joplin.  Pictured is Ludwig Van Beethoveen possibly
 writing his 5th Symphony?
4 Thursdays  6pm-7pm
 3/5, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2
$50/ member, $60/ nonmember
Stained Glass Class
Mike Driver teaches this 32-hour stained glass class 
coming in May 2020
9am-5pm Tue - Fri
Three students maximum
$270/member $290/nonmember
Beginning Still Life Drawing Class for Kids
Kevin Myers will teach beginning drawing to students ages 8-12
Bring your own #2B pencil 
if you have one. 
March 7, 2020 
$20/member $25/nonmember
Dramatic Lighting 
Portrait Class
with award-winning Tommy Fletcher  
For students of all levels
Bring a friend or loved one at the beginning of class as your 'subject'.
We take a dramatic photo of your chosen 'subject' that you use to work from during the class.
Bring your choice of medium: 
Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, 
Oil Paint, or Acrylic Paint 
Minimum size: 11x14 canvas or paper
March 28, 2020 
$45/member $55/nonmember 
(bring your own 'subject', 
paint/pencil, and canvas/paper)
Paint your Pup
with Gayla Elliott 
email icehousearts@gmail.com
a photo of your pup so
Gayla can sketch your pup 
onto an 8"x10" canvas.
You paint your own pup!
April 4,  2020
$45/member $55/nonmember
(Pre-pay ~ No refunds)

Mandala Rock Painting class
with Patricia Twilla
Feb 29,  2020
$15/member $20/nonmember
An Introduction to the World of Watercolor
with  John McLaren
This class will be a mix of discussion, demonstration, and numerous exercises.  
When you're done you will...
·  be better prepared for making intelligent selection of your materials - paints, brushes,  and surfaces. 
·   have a firm understanding of the difference between watercolor and other wet mediums, and what makes watercolor so unique and mysterious.
·  know the truth about many of the 'myths' surrounding watercolor and find out why 'color' is NOT  the most important characteristic of watercolor paint
·   see how watercolor can open a whole new chapter in your creative process. 
There is nothing you need to bring, but feel free to bring any watercolor materials that you might have questions about.
Thursday, April 2, 2020
$25/member $45/nonmember

2020 Ice House Festivals

A Taste Of Mayfield Food and Art Festival  6/20/20 Saturday 11am-3pm (email icehousearts@gmail.com to request an application)

Gourd Patch Arts Festival   10/17/20 Saturday 9am - 3pm (email icehousearts@gmail.com to request an application)
Christmas Bazaar
Ice House Gallery 2020 Shows (three juried shows)
African American Artists Show  2/7 - 2/29/20 

Call to African-American artists of any medium to enter for free  2/1 - 2/7/20  

         NAACP fundraiser:  African American Artists Show and Wine Tasting 2/22/20, 4pm-7pm

Graves County Elementary School Art Show  3/6 – 3/13/20

Purchase student art for $10 each  (This is our first big fundraiser of the year!)

Graves County Piecemaker's Quilt Show 4/1 - 4/25/20

              Quilt Bazaar 4/20 - 4/25/20

Religious Art Show 5/9  – 5/29/20  Entry fees and Awards!!

 The art is judged on the emotion it evokes in 4 categories: Joyful, Peaceful, Somber, and Telling a Story.  Enter 4/28 - 5/2/20

              9 AWARDS: $200 Best in Show, $100 First Place, $50 Second Place

             Awards reception:  Friday, May 8, 5-7pm

Betty Whitlow Floral Art Show 6/5 - 6/26/20

 Most floral paintings will be available for purchase!

Community Art Show 7/3 - 7/18/20 

 Everyone welcome to show their work for FREE! (enter 6/27 - 7/3)

Critter Art  Show   8/1 - 8/27/20 Entry fees and AWARDS!!

 (enter 7/21 - 725/20 by 1pm.  4 Categories: Painting, Drawing, Photography, and Mixed Media/3D)

               5 AWARDS: $200 Best in Show, $100 First Place

              Awards reception: Friday, July 31, 5-7pm

Wastelander's Art Exhibition 9/4 - 9/18/20

 Reception 9/11/20, 5-7pm

Gourds and more...  Fall Art Exhibit  10/2 - 11/5/20

 (enter 9/22 - 9/26/20)

Impressions Art Show 11/21 - 12/12/20 Entry fees and AWARDS!!

 5 categories: painting, mixed media, 3D, photography, and drawing

                     11 AWARDS:  $200 Best in Show, $100 First Place, $50 Second Place     

                     Awards reception:  Friday, November 20, 5-7pm

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