Ice House Gallery New Membership Drive
Come into the Gallery to join!   Goal: 100 new members by 3/31/19   SO FAR...  12 new members.  Thank you!
New Member Drawing March 31, 2019 for this beautiful framed photo of a Mayfield, Kentucky sunset 
Burning Sky
graciously donated by Kurtricia Howell

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The Gallery participates with the Mayfield Graves Tourism Commission, the Laurel Oak Garden Club (which maintains the gardens at the Ice House) and the Mayfield Garden District Project to promote our city as an interesting and rewarding place to visit and to live.
Select Regional Artists 
Art Show
ENDS Friday, March 22, 2019
A selection of our favorite artworks from throughout the area is on display at the Ice House Gallery.  This  is a mix of works by Randy Simmons, John McLaren, Ellis Wilson, Helen LaFrance, Bob Head, Jennifer Fairbanks, Wayne Bates, Mary Collins, Ben Walker, Tommy Fletcher, Mel Garbark, and Lou Anne Philpot 

 Opening reception:
Friday, March 1, 2019, 5pm-7pm
Live music by Natalie Sims! 

The painting to the right is an early work 
by Helen Rayburn La France 
of the Mayfield Kentucky Grain Mill.  
It is on loan to the Ice House Gallery from Ernie Nelson
Impressions 2018

Best of Show
Hatari Ya Mto by Bill Douglas 
Award sponsored by Howard Happy Inc. of Mayfield 

Impressions 2018

Exhibition:  Friday, Nov 9 - Saturday, Dec 15 Pickup Artwork:  Tuesday, Dec 18 - Saturday, Dec 29, 2018

Best in ShowHatari Ya Mto by Bill Douglas (Award sponsored by Howard Happy Inc. of Mayfield)

1st Place, Painting: Lakeview Egret by Betty Whitlow (Award sponsored by C-Plant Federal Credit Union)

2nd Place, Painting: Dennis Place by Bailey Radnitzer

1st Place, Drawing: Act of Exposure by McKayla Cunningham (Award sponsored by Mayfield Graves Tourism Commission)

 2nd Place, Drawing: Glow by Tommy Fletcher

1st Place, Photography: White Clematis by April McCormack (Award sponsored by the Mayor’s Office)

2nd Place, Photography: Blending In by Lynn Bartlett

1st Place, Sculpture: Old Chief by Brent McKinney (Award sponsored by Mary Jackson Haugen, Art Guild Founding Director)

2nd Place, Sculpture: Sunset Bowl by Diane Daubert

1st Place, Mixed Media: Paducah Sun by Carolyn Daniels (Award sponsored by Barbara Harris Heath, Art Guild Emeritus Board Member)

2nd Place, Mixed Media: Birds and Blooms by Roxanne Ferguson

Best depiction of nature and gardening in art: In the Light by April McCormack (Award sponsored by Laurel Oak Garden Club)

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