Impressions Art Show
meet the winning artists

Impressions Art Show Awards
11 artists were awarded cash prizes.  Brian Parks juried the show.

Best in Show

John McLaren
Hula Hoops~a flying dream viewing people from  above 
Watercolor Painting 
Juror Brian Parks:
It is always a challenge to select a “best of show” from a group of such strong varied pieces.  Hula Hoops caught my attention from a distance and then kept it the closer I got.  Visually Hula Hoops is a splendid assortment of organic and geometric shapes dancing and intermingled together with very pleasing balance.  The energetic rings of the hula hoops help bridge to subtle rectangles with the bodies hula hooping.  The odd point of view adds excitement by giving the hoops the full attention by displaying them all as near perfect circles.  Technically I am marveled at the layers and masking that the artist implemented.  The colors are not overpowering or too bright.  While I am impressed with all the technical aspects displayed, I found myself going back to this painting over and over just to look at it and enjoy it!  

Best in Show award sponsor: WK&T Telecom

Congratulations to the 1st Place Winners in the Impressions Art Show 2021 
View the show through December 18, 2021
M. Teresa Bazzell
Jacob's Ladder
1st Place Mixed Media
for sale: $350
Award sponsor: Howard Happy Co
Dr. David Carrico
Winter Woodpile
1st Place Painting
for sale: $750
Award sponsor: Acree Fittings and Hose
April McCormack
1st Place Photography
Award sponsor: 1st Kentucky Bank
Ruby Tebelak
Tea Time
1st Place Drawing
for sale: $300
Award sponsor: Byrn Funeral Home
Sue Farthing
Accent Table: spalted maple & cedar
1st Place 3Dimensional
for sale: $800
Award sponsor:
West Kentucky Insurance
Congratulations to the 2nd Place Winners in the Impressions Art Show 2021

Jenny Fuller
2nd Place Drawing
for sale: $350
Award sponsor: Bluegrass Cleaning
Jason Bailey
Crossing at Sunset
2nd Place Painting
for sale: $900
Award sponsor: Riley Architects
Terry Goatley
Food Chain
2nd Place 3Dimensional
Award sponsor: River Valley Ag
Suzanne Asatunian
Icy Night
2nd Place Photography
for sale: $50
Award sponsor: 
Gilliam Thompson Furniture
Julie Harris
Shimmer Me Timbers
2nd Place Mixed Media
Award sponsor: Patricia Twilla
Honorable Mentions
View the show through December 18, 2021
Susan Boyd
Kenai Summer
M. Teresa Bazzell
The Tongue
mixed media
Diane Daubert
Going Tribal
gourd art
for sale: $425
Sue Lester
On the Rocks
for sale: $50
Mark Ray
Eye of the Wise
acrylic painting
for sale: $120
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