Religious Art Show (above is "In His Arms" by Ruby Tebelak $900) 
Our show is judged on the emotion the art evokes.  The categories are: joyful, somber, peaceful, and telling a story. 
 All art mediums are welcome!
2020 Religious Art Show Winners
Best in Show: Dale McReynolds
1st Place Joyful: Ruby Tebelak
2nd Place Joyful: Dorothy M. Wurth
1st Place Peaceful: Sheryl Triplett
2nd Place Peaceful: Daryl Reeder
1st Place Somber: Rick Hooper
2nd Place Somber: Rebekah Thuline
1st Place Telling a Story: Patricia Twilla
2nd Place Telling a Story: Cole W. Wyatt
Honorable Mentions: Rhonda Roso, Norma McNeill, and Brooke Wilson

Meet Our Religious Art Show winners!
2nd annual Religious Art Show awards go to...
Dale McReynolds
Best in Show
Grannny's Love
Sheryl Triplett
1st Place Peaceful
Fathomless Peace
Daryl Reeder
2nd Place Peaceful
I'm with you always $110
Rick Hooper
1st Place Somber
Redeemed $1400
Rebekah Thuline
2nd Place Somber
Morning Fog SOLD
Brooke Wilson
Honorable Mention
He is our Light in the Darkness
Ruby Tebelak
1st Place Joyful
In His Arms $900
Dorothy Wurth
2nd Place Joyful
A Child of God
Rhonda Roso
Honorable Mention
The West Rose Window $375
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